1. I love Bob Dylan…so not the point, but I had to give you kudos on your quote first!

    I think this is a message we need to hear. You have to have perseverance to survive in education. You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone if it is what is best for students. I like the way you always go back to the keys to teaching…building relationships and doing what is best for kids. I think you have made a point to make that obvious in every post you have written. I love the way you point out that technology is a way to enhance our ability to teach, and more importantly it is what our kids need.

    Thanks for pushing us all to do what is best for kids!

  2. Thanks George – I can't wait to share this free resource with my staff! It is such a strange time for so many educators. In many cases, veteran educators have worked in environments where they had little collaboration with teachers in their own buildings. Now, they have opportunities to connect and share with people who are in other countries and on other continents.

    One thing I know about educators is that they care deeply about students. When they see continued firsthand evidence of what this new "a-changing" world has to offer their students in regards to the educational possibilities, I know they will be swayed.

    • George

      Thanks for your comment buddy! I am looking forward to connecting with your students before the break :0

  3. Great intro George,

    I love the "get over it" comment – it is time for now more excuses. You are right – in every school there are people who need help and people willing and able to give it. We seek to have children as risk takers – what better way to model it than to try things outside our comfort zones.

    • George

      We need to push ourselves before we can ever ask students to stretch their own minds. Thanks for the comment Celia!

  4. I really enjoyed your post and your attitude! You are so right – "get over it!" I have found when I give powerful examples to colleagues of the ways technology is transforming what we do – then their opinions are quite different from the fear they first felt. I love that the main point still remains – relationships are still and forever will be the true heart of teaching. Well done!

  5. Pretty much my position for several years, now.

    Check out the blog. Students teaching students. All with their own footprint. Collaboration, creativity, instant feedback, global awareness, etc. I'm trying to do my part in a small corner of our world. Our kids need to be trusted to provide a voice to this new learning. Is it really that new, though?

    • George

      Not really but we have not been using them in abundance in classrooms. They might not be new to you, but new to many teachers.

  6. Ivon

    The Dylan quote caught my eye and so did the phrase "the most overused". I am Dylan fan from a long time back, so you have cast an interpretation of this common, overused, and misunderstood line I am not sure Dylan intended. From the perspective of someone who grew up in the 1960's and early 1970's and is a fan, I find the usage ironic. Dylan wrote this song in the specter of the potential of a nuclear holocaust and recorded it in 1964. I wonder if he simply meant it to be used in the way we choose to today? He was referring to the potential for great change in the social justice issues o f the day and also a true fear of the potential the Super Powers represented. He was speaking of the real potential resting in the hearts, minds, and spirits of humanity for not simply change, but transformation.

    Are you suggesting current technology has the power to transform education in this manner? If so, how? How does it set us free?

    • George

      Thanks for the comment Ivon. The quote is simply a starting point for the post and actually is meant in no way to interpret what Dylan meant. The reality of it though is that education is changing dramatically hence the term.

      With Alberta learning talking about self-directed learning and digital technologies, the reality of the world is that this is the way we can connect and can connect. You no longer are limited to the "teacher" being the only educator in the room. We had a teacher from Indonesia address a grade 4 class last week on his understanding of Muslim heritage because he lives in the culture. With a group of high school students teaching our grade 3's next week on their own cultural heritage. Many of us have not been taking these opportunities or making these authentic connections because honestly, they were a lot harder to do. The world is at our fingertips.

      I would really suggest that you watch this Will Richardson video which is about an hour long if you have the time: http://staff.prairiesouth.ca/sites/dshareski/2010

      He definitely will challenge some conventional thinking on the area of technology. This does not mean that everything has to be done through the use of technology, but having the access to use these tools in a safe and ethical way is important to the preparation of our students.

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