1. George,

    Thanks for sharing this. You are so right that many educators are too modest to share their successes. Sometimes they feel as if their success aren't "good enough"'to share. It is so important that we encourage our staff to share the great things that we see going on in our classrooms!

  2. I agree… After being in the classroom for 21 years, I had the awesome opportunity to be a Technology Integration Specialist for two years. This year, because of budget cuts, I am back in the classroom. The years I spent as an Integration Specialist I wrote a weekly blog where I highlighted the teachers who were successful using technology in their classrooms. I really felt as if this was an incredible opportunity for our faculty to share their success without the dangers of seeming boastful.

    Now that I am back in the classroom I am having success of my own but am reluctant to share it because I do not want to seem boastful.

    I love teaching, but I miss my integration job.

  3. George,

    You are right on that we need to celebrate our own successes. In fact, the national education reform debate in the USA will be far better off if more educators shared what really works in their classrooms.

    Since I have more to say on this topic, I just wrote a blog post to expand


  4. If only teachers would realize the incredible DIS-service they are giving to their colleagues by not sharing what works for them. We've made show and share a key piece of our pd days, and it has proven to be invaluable. So often teachers, even 5-6 years apart, are able to take ideas from one another and adapt them. The more collaborative our staffs can be – I think the stronger they can be. Well said.

    • George

      Sharing is key Cheryl 🙂 It makes a huge difference on the impact of the learning of our students because we are not limited to only our ideas. Learning has to happen outside the four walls.

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