1. I'm going to share this link with my principal. We're always talking about how we can use technology to develop higher-level thinking skills, and you've definitely shown the possibilities here. Thanks George!


  2. Hi, Thrilled to see your K-12 eportfolio initiative. I'll spend some time with your online work. Just wanted you to know that AAEEBL will have a K-12 track for the World Portfolio Summit in Boston this summer — see http://www.aaeebl.org. Your work would be great for a presentation.

  3. Hi, I like your blog and particularly your item on ePortfolios. However, as far as I can see, your encouragement of pupils to use blogs, excellent as that is, is only half the answer to the whole concept of an ePortfolio. Obviously an ePortfolio can support HOTS as you well identify, but the ePortfolio can be also used to address different audiences and to present or showcase artefacts for different purposes.

    I wonder if you have thought about how students will re-present certain items from their blog-posts as your students get older. Do you see your ePortfolio as 'travelling' with your students as the move on to High School, College or university. I would agree with Dr Helen Barrett when she describes the ePortfolio as supporting one's 'Lifestory'. As I repeatedly say in my blog, I see the ePortfolio as being Lifelong and Lifewide or 'from cradle to grave'.

    But anyway, I'm keen to follow your progress! Keep up the good work,

    Ray T

  4. Hi George

    I too do a lot of thinking about e-Portfolios and thought you might be interested in some of my reflections. I teach in New Zealand at a large school that caters for 5-18 year olds. We are rolling out e-Portfolios across half of this age group over the next two years with potential for the rest shortly after. If you are interested in this have a look at http://www.lietze.org :+)


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