1. I appreciate the vision and the hard work this project must have taken. It is something I've envisioned for our k-12 school, but has not made it past the *talking* about it stage.

    I look forward to following the progress of this project.

  2. George, I love what you're doing with this portfolio project. You're making online learning meaningful for all students and seeing the potential of the many tools out there for all students too. I'm thrilled that you continue to share what all of the staff members at your school are doing, and I love tweeting with so many of you at Forest Green School to find out about all of your exciting new initiatives.

    More than anything, I love that this E-Portfolio Project demonstrates that technology is not an "add on" but a way to meet curriculum expectations in a fun and engaging manner. Your school is a model for all of us here, and I can't thank all of you enough for being so willing to share what you do!


    • George

      It is exciting as we start the first steps on this journey, but I am really looking forward to seeing year 2, 3, and so on. Hopefully this just becomes an easy BUT engaging part of practice. Thanks for your comment Aviva!

  3. Melody_ugdsb

    You, and all of the initiatives embraced by your staff and students, continue to impress and inspire me! Your forward thinking directs all of us towards a new and positive path. How lucky Stony Plain is to have you!

    Congratulations, Forest Green School!


  4. A true community of learners you are building! I love the way you are involving not just students, but parents, teachers, and staff. A school should be made up of learners!

  5. Thorough presentation of the project, George. It sure is a monumental undertaking, when I read it in this form. It's a good thing none of us envisioned this outcome when we agreed to start, otherwise we may never have started on the journey. Thanks for clarifying the project last week at the meeting. I think we were all working towards the same or similar goals, but everything kind of coalesced last week into something that made a lot more sense in a much deeper way.

  6. Brenda Scatterty

    I have always firmly believed in the power the school community partnership and I think this collaborative project not only provides a significant tool for students in their life long learning, but invites parents to join in the journey in a meaningful and informed basis.

  7. Barbara Kari

    I especially like the phrase 'community of learners working side by side'. The mental picture that this evokes is very powerful.

    I agree with Todd that it is a monumental undertaking and I, too, didn't realize the scope of it until I read your blog!

  8. It is very rare to find an integrated and systematic implementation of ePortfolios in a K-12 setting. That makes this post especially valuable to me! I look forward to sharing your journey with you, particularly how the younger students take an active role in their learning, and hopefully using this as an example to model/modify. Thanks George.

  9. Nicole

    This is such a cool idea! I wish projects like this existed when I was in elementary/middle/high school. We had hard copy writing portfolios that we carried with us through all four years of English, and then we got them when we graduated. Looking back through all four years of growth was a wonderful experience. Being able to look back through writing (and thinking) done over 10+ years, though, complete with pictures, videos, links, etc…. WOW.

    • George

      They have been going fantastic as well! I am so excited to see where we will end up with this project!

  10. This sounds amazing! I love the idea that they get to see their progress over the years and witness how much they're grown through all their work. It's really great that students are learning to use social media positively towards their education, especially at a young age. The fact that you still allow K-2 students be involved in the project is great. I think it's good that kids early on can understand the positive impact of technology and most importantly the right and safe way of using it.

    Communication is definitely key for parents since they're not there besides their kids during the school day, so the fact that they can also be included in the project through the staff blogs is wonderful. Sounds like your school is taking the right steps towards implementing technology into education!

  11. Kay McNulty

    This project is already a huge success in that a clear shared vision is firmly in place. I'll look forward to following its progress. Best of luck!

  12. SHSDsupport


    Any ideas or suggestions as to the ICT support you expect to be using to support this project?

    Hardware & software….

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