1. Great post, George! I'm thrilled that you not only started to blog, but continued blogging too. Your blog is a must-read and teaches me so much about education and best practices. Not only do I enjoy your blog a lot, but I know that many of the teachers and even the administrators at my school regularly read your blog posts now too. You have even inspired a few of them to start blogging too.

    Thank you for always sharing all that you do!


  2. Enjoyed the post George. Reading your blog is just like listening to you talk. Must say, I'm a little envious. I have struggled with writing all my life. It is not an activity that I enjoy. Then why would I start blogging? Reading bloggers from my PLN (as Shelly Terrell says Passion Learning Network) and lurking for a while, it was a no brainer that blogging was an activity that would be energizing for teachers and students. As the campus leader my motto has always been, never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do. So here I am. I would not say my writing is true blogging but more like sharing something I have read or a technology site I have found. It a starting point for me. You keep up the great blogg modeling so I will have someone to emulate.

  3. KinderTeacher

    Thank you for sharing your post. I got quite a bit of insight about myself in reading this particular piece.

    While I am learning and growing from the process of blogging, I am still finding it very scary to expose myself, largely because I find myself working in an increasingly intolerant environment.

    I appreciate your post.

  4. Hi George!

    I do like your blog! I've been reading your posts quite often, needless to say that you are an inspiring teacher, who shares experiences, teaching techniques and most important a teacher who shares his passion/love for his students. I'm so glad for having you in my PLN, I've been learning a lot from you.


    Luciana Podschun


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