1. Wow George! What an incredible story, and what an awesome opportunity for two amazing students to connect. It's funny because I was talking to the principal at my school today about this very same thing. As I shared with her about a very positive relationship that I saw forming today (between a student that has autism and a student with behavioural difficulties), we both realized the importance of "connections."

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely story with all of us!


    • George

      Thanks for your comment Aviva! It is great that you are empowering your students to be leaders and work with each other! I love hearing stories like this 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Alison Ainsworth

    What George doesnt talk about, but is so very welcome and important, as that he, as a leader and educator, has a vision to welcome us both and create a platform for us, as families and children affected by extraordinary needs, to reach out, be heard and continue to affect global change – the kind that will be felt and heard not just in the schools and classrooms, but in the community at large. It is both rewarding and important for families to be heard. Thank you for including our stories in your vision to achieve depth, understanding and meaning towards effective learning and positive change.

    • George

      Thanks Alison! I appreciate how open you are about your journey as it is great learning for everyone involved. We all learn from these stories, and hopefully we listen to them, and ensure that we are doing our best to create a fantastic environment for all of our students!

      Great job today 🙂

  3. Ktenkely

    When kids click and find camaraderie it is such a beautiful thing to witness. Connections between students and staff are what make a school special. Great story and wonderful connection, I feel lucky to be a part of it virtually!

  4. Concerned Parent

    Thanks Mr. Couros – BUT, please make sure all your other students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who have been around for awhile in your school, are also taken care of.

    I'm glad you have taken on this with such vigour, we will be expecting a lot from you in the future!

    • George

      Thanks for your comment. To be honest with you, I do my best to look out for ALL of the students in the school, whether they have Autism or not. I only write about students from school on my blog though if I have parent permission to share their story.

      I am glad that you expect a lot from me as I do from myself. It is extremely important as a principal that I do my best to look out for all kids!

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