1. Dr. Donna Kiel

    I’ve been teaching principals about compassion fatigue for a long time (pre-Covid19) and it is most definitely something to consider and I’m grateful for the mention in this post. In addition to the questions in this post, what I think we need to ask educators is; “What are you most afraid of right now?”, “What is inspiring you right now?”, “Who do you need most to be on your side right now and why?”

  2. Yes, and rightly so. I am sometimes outraged to the core that all we need to worry about is how to protect ourselves and our children from anxiety. I really understand that there are people who are much more vulnerable than many children. Here, children should not be protected from anxiety, but sent in the right direction. Well, in which case, ask for help from their people, including from their children, because it is also important for them that their adults are okay and close by.

  3. Colleen Karnicki

    I love the 3 questions that your friend Joe Sanfelippo suggests. I’m planning to have them on a sign in my classroom in September. The world would be a better place if every human was asked these questions every day or even every week! Thank you for your insight and your encouragement. I’m glad and grateful I was introduced to you via my new summer PD class, Digital Tools:).

  4. I agree with your philosophy of using technology to build relationships with students and depth of learning. This is often forgotten as we are inclined to quickly delve into direct instruction. In one of your blogs I think you suggested a cartoon, quote or animated Gif prior to instruction as a discussion starter. I will definitely be using the 5 questions you suggested as a good way to start the school year, as a way to check in to see what interests my individual students and what’s on their mind. In that way distant learning will be personalized, without seeming so distant to my students.Thanks for your many inspiring quotes and all that you do to coach teachers to be the best they can be!

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