1. Robert Cranston

    George, I wanted to thank you for making a difference each and every day. I am in my 35th year of education and I look forward to reading your inspirational writing when it pops into my inbox. Before the end of my career, I hope I have an opportunity to say thank you in person. Well done, Sir!

  2. Kathy

    Love this! Thank you! Also – Loved that you joined my school’s book club session a couple week’s ago via Zoom! It was the highlight of our week! I love how your book has caused me to think outside the box and become more innovative!

  3. Zach Waddicor

    Hi! I was just on your live chat and appreciate the time you spent answering questions.

    Specifically about these engagement strategies, I’m not sure how these strategies you have suggested are different than what a teacher could/should do within a “traditional” in-school session. Can you elaborate a little on how this looks different for emergency distance teaching and learning?

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