1. Thank you for this informative post! As an educator, I am growing through these days. The opportunity during these times is for the educator to also be educated. By constantly seeking material to stimulate and enrich, the teacher may pick up new strategies and ways to conduct virtual classes. Also there is forming a great global dialogue among teachers as well as among teachers and students. Perhaps a small positive that emerges from catastrophic times.

  2. Mr. Couros, I spent my Friday night listening to your Podcast and reflecting on my week long Zoom sessions with First Graders. After some mindset worries about teaching online, I jumped in to the deepest water. In depth planning with purpose and connecting with the children, remote reading groups and sharing opportunities went without a hitch. So much positive feedback because I did have an audience of parents, grandparents, siblings and smiling learners. I have a renewed sense of learning and depth with my class and my profession.

    • Barbara,
      I am so thrilled that you PAUSED and reflected. I think often we are too hard on ourselves as teachers, especially when we have been pushed into this new world of Emergency Remote Teaching. We think back to our favorite learning moments with our students and almost feel a sense of lose. Reflection through this new lens will allow us find new favorites learning experiences, new understandings. Your final sentences says it all.

  3. Michelle

    Thank you for this encouragement. I have spent a lot of time in the home school community and my personal educator identity is that of a ‘lead learner’ and that my job is to work myself out of a job. I want my students leaving me knowing how to ask questions and discover new things that they want to learn more about. As such your points #1 and 4 were very encouraging. Thank you!

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