1. George – Thanks for including my writing with the likes of Will and Ira. That is certainly high praise. I am right with you in using the great work of others to help keep me motivated. It is such a lift to be able to hear what so many other educators who are as passionate about change as I am talk about what they are thinking and what they are doing in their schools and communities.

    I guess my question is – When will school be seen as the solution to ALL of our problems? I dream of the day when education is really at the top of the priority list and not just something talked about by politicians looking for votes.

    I can dream right?

    • George

      Absolutely Patrick…education is the fundamental piece that is going to move our society forward. In fact, it has moved our education forward for years but almost in spite of the road blocks that we tend to come up against. Everyday I am in a school, and I know you see it as well, it just gets better.

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