1. Love it! What you are doing is so powerful…corralling the voice of influential leaders. It is truly walking the walk and what is sooo great is you are going to start a collective voice of such a strong digital footprint for dedicated, passionate and innovative leaders. Way to go!!!

    Oh…and, why not make these principles a living Google doc? That's more and more becoming the way I publish. Thoughts and creations are always evolving and growing. Transformative indeed.

    • George

      Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate your help in connecting us with some other educators that want to take part in the project. We want to ensure that we are getting a diverse group with a lot of different experiences, so we can learn from them and apply it in our own school. I did get it off and running, but the group I work with has been so wonderful that there has been very little work since the initial set up. The site would not exist if I was not continuously inspired through my interactions with not only administrators, but with all educators.

      The principles that we have chosen to follow are something that we agreed upon but there is always the opportunity to update them to ensure we are doing the best to meet the needs of our students.

      Thanks so much for your support on this!

  2. Royan Lee

    Fantastic work, George. I think the Connected Principals site is, quite frankly, somewhat revolutionary. Thanks so much for guiding the way.

    • George

      Woah! Thanks Royan 🙂 I really hope that it becomes a resource for administrators (current and aspiring), while giving people to connect with the administrators on the site for any help/advice. The one thing that I know about the people who are on the site is that they are very helpful and passionate about what they do. I am really looking forward to see where it goes!

      Thanks again for your kind words 🙂

  3. George,

    I can see that you have once again poured your heart and soul into creating a relevant and meaningful experience for all who will benefit from the collaborative blog. It's exciting to watch the seed of an idea transform into something beautiful and enriching that will ultimately help kids! Great job!

    • George

      Thanks Joan 🙂 I was reluctant to do it and hid the idea but after seeing the success of the #temt blog, I thought that there was no better time than now! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. George – Thanks for helping me take my Twitter connections to a hire level. I am so excited about the fact that we are "walking the walk" as Lisa says above. It is so great to be able to show our teachers, our students, and everyone else in our school communities the power of collaboration.

    I feel fortunate to connect to Principals like you who are as passionate about their students as I am. I know that our continued efforts will show students that they can connect with others globally who share their passions.

    Thanks again for all of your hard work in setting up this forum for all of us!

  5. Hello George,

    Great post and perfect timing. It's true as an educator you can't stop learning if you're teaching. Thanks for sharing your story.

    You would enjoy reading our latest post "From Harvard to Brooklyn Classroom" — just posted today on our site/blog page and twitter. Best of luck!

    Lyudmila Bloch

    Etiquette Expert and Author


    P.S. Your blog page is cool!

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