1. Wade Rolles

    Hey George. I was just looking at your resume, and I seem to recall working with a George Couros in Wolf Creek on the Telus Team, but it's like it never happened, because it isn't on your resume. Is this true?

  2. Hey George,

    I was "introduced" to you and your blog by a friend and former teacher collegaue, Jaret Loose. I have been enjoying your posts and also the many posts on the Connected Principals blog. I am wondering if I could be added to the Connected Principals group of contributors. I am the principal of a 9-12 high school in Saskatoon, SK, called Evan Hardy Collegiate. I am passionate about ensuring that I am the Lead Learner in my building and want to learn as much as I can as to how to be a mentor leader in my learning community. I also am passionate about technology and in particular how I can support/encourage my school division to move more into 21st century learning initiatives especially in a high school setting.

    Thanks for "listening".

  3. Hi, George,

    I've been asked to write a book chapter on Retention and Transition (with particular reference to ePortfolios) and wonder if you have any observations re transition, either to other sectors within your campus or on to other schools?

    Any anecdotes or links to research would be appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    Ray T

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