My name is George Couros, and I am currently an “Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant”, as well as the author of “The Innovator’s Mindset“.  Formerly, I was the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division, located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, and have over 17 years of experience as an educator, in a myriad of roles from K-12. I am passionate about distributed leadership within my division, and believe that creating a collaborative environment with all stakeholders, will help to ensure that we meet the best needs of all children.

Personally, I am someone who is passionate about all of the things that I do.  I was lucky enough to marry my best friend (Paige Couros), who is an elementary school teacher (and the best mom in the world!) who always keeps me grounded and reminds me how complex a teacher’s job is. We welcomed our beautiful daughter Kallea into the world in August of 2016  I believe that we must continuously “sharpen the saw” by taking part in other pursuits.  I love running and sports, and am a HUGE fan of the Los Angeles Lakers.  In fact, I have two dogs now that are named after a current and former Laker (Odom and Cooper). I do miss my dogs Kobe and Shaq who were my first pets ever (miss you buddy).

Music is also a passion of mine.  If you are ever interested in hearing what I like, check out my #georgegtunes that I post on Twitter for the world to hear. The more well rounded we are as educators, I believe, the more our students will see us as real people that they can connect with in the classroom.


I am originally from the small town of Humboldt, Saskatchewan and my parents are originally immigrants from Greece.  I am the youngest of four, and my brother, Dr. Alec Couros, is also in the field of education.  We work closely together through our social networks to help build environments that best meet the needs of students in a continuously changing environment.  I believe in the power of students, and that all of the children we can teach can be leaders if we help them find their passion.  My parents came from a country that was going through a war and did not have the resources or same opportunities that we had for education.  They stressed the importance of education for their kids, and are my inspiration in my career as an educator, as detailed in this post I guest wrote for another educator’s blog.

It is important to me that we always work to get do “what is best for kids”, and I appreciate discussion when talking about meeting the needs of students with all stakeholders.  I know that as a division principal, I am only a part of the learning process, and I work hard to give everyone the opportunities to become leaders in our school community.

My family and inspiration


  1. Hi George!
    I wish you all the best for your new blog – one thing is for sure, we are going to read so many interesting things here!
    Looking forward to reading your posts. Your enthusiasm is infectious! (Love the picture of your family!)
    Wishing you all the best,

  2. Hello George. We have not yet met, but I look forward to getting to know you through this new blog just as I have gotten to know your brother through his Twitter tweets. I will also start following you on Twitter.

    And like Vicky, I love the family picture. It is, as my people say, very hamish.

  3. George Couros

    It is definitely we are both proud and ashamed of at the same time. This was my family's "Charlie's Angels" period 🙂

  4. Cheryl

    Hi George,
    Sorry it took me so long to read your new website. Well done! How late do you stay up updating it? Seriously, writing regularly like that is great, and is inspirational to me, a new blogger. "Principal of Change", yes, my friend, that you are(:

    • Carolyn Robinson

      Hello George. The email sent to you about Alex Gallart please forward to Alec Couros. I sent to you in error. THANKS

  5. Ilona Buchem

    Hi George,
    it's such an open-hearted and unpretencious "About Me". I like it a lot. It seems to me that both you and Alec found the right way to share information through social media despite all the worries of digital traces. What are your thoughts about it?

    • I really believe that if you are positive on the Internet and build your identity that way, there is nothing wrong with that at all. It is important for me to show my students and role model creating a positive digital identity.

      I really appreciate your comments 🙂

      • I agree with your concept. I had never looked at it that way before I heard you speak. I have been very inquisitive about technology and learners and have made conclusions based on my education, practice and involvement. I now have a twitter account and a word press blog. I am going to promote “edublog” in my school so students have another platform to share their learning. I have posted one blog and I am writing a second. I feel revived!

  6. From the first time I thought your name should be Greek, but wasn't sure, till now. I'm Greek too.

    Looking forward to reading your ideas and posts. I think you express all the kindness and empatthy a teacher should have or has inside but is intimidated to say out loud.

    I share the same enthusiasm for teaching and I find your posts and the rscon10 keynote very inspiring. Thank you

  7. Kirsten Moss


    I have been reading your blog for quite a few months now. I feel inspired every time I read it and it pushes me to continue along my path of growth and development. You have an amazing way for writing and inspiring. Thank you!

    I am currently in grad school and am working on student-centered ICT in primary classrooms. I have found a LOT of research in this area from other countries – but not ours!

    I remember reading somewhere (I think it was on your blog) that you asked each of your teachers to make a tech goal for the year. How is that going?

    My goal as a grad student is to find ways of creating change through effective leadership as a teacher/colleague. My hope is to increase the love of ICT with students in more primary classrooms.

    I would love to hear your thoughts or any advice on the topic.



    • George

      Hey Kirsten,

      Thanks for the kind words and my teachers actually chose to write tech goals this year. They knew that this was the focus of our project, so that was what they chose to do. They are doing fantastic with their work and exploration 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment!

  8. Stacy Kimbriel


    I came across your blog in research that I am doing for my own personal learning as well as district mandated learning. Your blog is user friendly, full of mixed media and rich in content. Where I work, we are just beginning to embrace the technology and social networking. One one hand we are told to embrace today's technology, but on the other hand we are directed by policy to remain anonymous about our ties to the district and public acknowledgement of our campuses via social media. Do you not have policies such as these (you have student pics on your site–that's a definite no in my world) for which you have to navigate? I would love to know how you have overcome policies to be free to express your professional opinions in this realm.

  9. G'day George,

    I've been reading this blog and the Connected Principals' blog. I'm a classroom teacher in Australia, and have been involved with Instructional Rounds as part of a Teacher Professional Leave project. Love to hear if you have been involved in Instructional Rounds as a principal's network. Here is the link to our PLN. http://instructionalroundsineducation.ning.com/

    Thanks so much for sharing your vision and thoughts.

    Cheers Nina

    • George

      Thanks Nina! I have not even heard of the site you shared but I am definitely going to look at it. At first glance, it definitely looks like something that would be a beneficial add to my PLN. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Hi George! Thanks for sharing your inspirations as well as your great insights on twitter! I look forward to reading your posts (as well as your brother's!) everyday!

    Keep up the great work!

    BTW-when did Forest Green go K-12? I used to teach in PSD before I moved to Calgary (Brookwood Elementary back when it was K-6).



  11. Dorf ( Dorothy-Ann)

    Hi George

    I am an Educator at Friends Academy on Long Island, New York

    My son was recently transferred to Edmonton canada by Ford Motor Company and has two young children aged 7 and 4 years.

    They are in a quagmire about what school to enroll the children in …in Alberta.

    They are looking at the Catholic Schools and The Public and Private Schools

    They will be living in Riverbend

    We would really appreciate your insight and suggestions!

    Wish they lived in your school district!

    Please respond as soon as possible.

    The children will probably be starting school in January

    Thanks for your time

    Will I be able to receive a direct e-mail response from you at dorf_kaffl@fa.org

    Dorothy-Ann Linehan Kaffl

  12. […] George Couros has asked all of his classroom teachers to begin using blogs. These are classroom blogs as opposed to student blogs, showcasing not only the learning in classrooms, but also the learning of teachers. In his post he shares ideas for administrators to use classroom blogs to help them stay in touch with what it happening in their school. 1. Add classroom blogs to an RSS feed. This is such an easy way to follow what classes are doing, without continuously checking if sites have been updated. I use Google Reader to create bundles, so I can follow the content of all my classrooms in one place (similar to this one). If you do not understand what RSS is, here is a short little video that will help you understand. 2. Take the time to share posts with other teachers in their school. It is hard to come up with ideas (here is a great list of them that my PLN created), so sometimes we can be inspired by what teachers in our building are doing. Celebrate and share! 3. Take the time to comment on teacher blogs. This shows everyone that you appreciate what is happening in the classroom, and the extra time teachers are taking to communicate and collaborate with their classroom. Reading is not enough. Be a leader and show how to properly comment to your school community while also gaining the opportunity to communicate with students, parents, and teachers. (para. 4). […]

  13. Jack Hill

    "I believe in the power of students, and that all of the children we can teach can be leaders if we help them find their passion."

    I agree – you can never take the person out of anything we do. Giving a face to words gives meaning to the passion which allows the tools that we use to share meaningful messages. Great work!

  14. Sara

    Great site! Look forward to reading more 🙂 I can only hope to be as passionate as you are in my soon-to-be career (hopefully in early education/schools!)

  15. Liz Brach

    Help! We are changing our final assembly from an “awards day” to a grad and celebration of each student assembly. Problem: the grade nine students who are graduating are taking it really hard. They have with the help of a parent, put together a petition demanding a return to the traditional 15 trophies for 23 kids awards day assembly or get more trophies and give everyone something. The principal and staff agreed to elliminate the trophies based on current research.
    I tried to explain to grade 9s but I have not enough time to do this as it took most of the year convincing staff. I feel bad that some kids are upset. Any suggestions? Staff now is determined not to back down from this decision.(Quite a shift for many!). Any ideas on how to help the gr. 9 students move forward?

  16. Kara Barker-Åström

    I attended your lecture today along with Ann Michaelsen from Norway. Fantastic and inspiring! -Kara Barker-Åström, Sweden (originally from SK as well!)

  17. Donna

    Hi George,

    Our school division is currently thinking about due diligence in regards to determining which cloud based apps we allow our teachers to use in their classrooms.

    How does Parkland School Division determine which apps are appropriate? We have currently started a conversation through the ATLE email thread… would you care to chime in and give your opinion on how to approach the arduous task of providing guidance to our administrators and teachers when selecting cloud based apps?


  18. Roger Curtis

    Good morning, George

    In my ever on-going attempts at personal growth and expanding my view of educational leadership I would welcome your thoughts on the Lynden Dorval case. I am particularly interested in whether or not you view his actions as innovative and positive.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration of my question.


    Roger Curtis
    Kingston, ON

  19. Hi George – I recently experienced your presentation at USD in CA. I was wondering if you might share several of those videos so I could use them with my staff. In particular – the video of the girl in the rain and the video of the digital portfolio – the google video where the dad emails clips over the years. One last thing, the quote about “unleashing the power of freedom” – If not, I understand, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  20. Wow. I had no idea how much of a legend u are. I am humbled…
    So looking forward to hearing ur passionate, powerful anecdotal stories and messages again ; they are always so positive, so pro-active, so honest, so transparent and so “real” based on the world we work in today.
    When I read Carol’s book that we have here in front of us today, I instantly thought, “You are a walking testament to how growth mindset really fosters success for all of us as we move ourselves forward – AND, in particular, students of our future generation.”

  21. Drago Fila

    Do you have a schedule for upcoming conferences you are presenting at? I just purchased your book and have been thoroughly enjoying reading your blog. Thank you for re-inspiring me.

  22. vince weist

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  23. Geoffrey Mackler

    Hi George. I was part of your audience yesterday at the ALCDSB session. You are a great speaker and provide a lot to think about. (I won’t list the positive things I was motivated to do (you already know that you inspire), but instead would like to ask about a few things I struggle with.
    I often wonder how much of ‘being present’ on the net and social media comes from a sense of us needing to validate our lives. “See, I was here, I did this, I did a great thing” etc. Has that pendulum not moved too far to individual recognition side? I use technology for work and for pleasure, but I don’t need the payoff, or high, associated with seeing my comments as tweets or coming up as a google hit. Many love the ‘connectedness’ of the social media so much that they miss the connectedness of tangible, personal relationships. I am happy to not always carry my phone around with me – I don’t feel lost without it for hours at a time. Life moves fast so often I like to just slow it down but I still don’t think I am missing out in life. I believe that students need to see and have that modeled for them as much as anything else! Anyway, that’s it for now. Thanks for the opportunity.

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