Lead For the Job You Want

In Alberta, we have a document for leaders titled, “The Principal Quality Practice Guideline“, which is meant to share guidelines for effective leadership.  The categories are as follows: Fostering Effective Relationship Embodying Visionary Leadership Leading a Learning Community Providing Instructional… Continue Reading

One School’s Impossible, Is Another School’s Norm

“Our teachers aren’t asking for this.” This is a sentiment that I have heard from administrators often when talking about initiatives/technology in school in why they may not have certain things in the classroom.  Whether this is YouTube opened up for… Continue Reading

Innovation is About a Way of Thinking

The below tweet from Edutopia was shared over and over again through social networks yesterday, because of the power of the idea. “Alright stop, COLLABORATE, and listen.” pic.twitter.com/ZGVV9fhUsC — edutopia (@edutopia) September 14, 2015 This is a great idea in theory,… Continue Reading

Why are we doing that again?

Years ago, there was a practice in my school division where all administrators were provided a BlackBerry, when cellular phones just started to become the norm.  The thought process behind this was that if there was an emergency, this would… Continue Reading

Empowerment Does Not Happen Without Ownership

Seth Godin shares a nice little story about a bookshop that focuses selling only children’s books, and is surprised when he asks for a popular book and the clerk has never heard of it.  Godin shares his thoughts on whether… Continue Reading

Staying the Same is Ultimately Falling Behind

Almost one year ago to the day, I wrote a post entitled, “5 Questions You Should Ask Your Leader“.  Sylvia Duckworth created the image below to go along with the post: I was reminded of the last question recently, “What… Continue Reading

Maybe Not Tomorrow, but When?

I just read a great post by Alice Keeler, titled “In the Real World“, where she discusses the irony of the idea that schools need to prepare students for the “real world”, yet many of the things that happen in… Continue Reading