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Defining Failure?

I am struggling with the term “failure” and have written about it a few times.  I get when people say that it’s okay to fail and I know what they are meaning, but my fear is that our community think something totally different when we say things such as “we encourage failure”.

So I thought of this video of Derek Redmond and his dad, which I found to be one of the most inspirational videos from the Olympics ever.  Watch it if you have never seen it (have tissue paper ready):

My question is, would you consider this failure? If Derek Redmond did not get up, would that be failure? If he didn’t get up and never competed again, to me, that is failure.  But getting up and doing the best possible even after you stumble, I think that is part of growth and learning.


You Should Read… (June 10, 2012)

As many of us go into summer vacation, we have big plans about what we are going to do going into summer, and how we are going to come back better as educators in the fall.  I wanted to share a few of my favourite stories/videos, that give me that little extra push to get out of bed in the morning and get better.  I hope you enjoy them.

1.  World’s Strongest Dad –  I first heard about this story when I read Rick Reilly’s article in Sports Illustrated, and I was blown away when I saw the video.  An amazing story of the bond between father and son.

2. The Derek Redmond Story – This is easily one of the most emotional stories that I have ever seen from the Olympics. Again, it involves a father and son, but more importantly, it is about never giving up.

3. Are you going to finish strong? – When we often complain about what we are missing in our lives, we often forget about what we have. This short speech made by this amazing man to a group of students talks about how we need to continuously get back up. Watching the kids hug the speaker at the end is as emotional as his speech.

4. How bad do you want it? (Part 2) – This video is not only for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, but it talks about the dedication it takes to be successful. I loved the first video in this series, but this one talks about the dedication it takes to be successful. I listen to the words in this video when I work out, over and over again, and it really pushes me. Hopefully you find some use of it the message.

5. Will Smith on Success – I was blown away by the words of wisdom and dedication to excellence that I saw from Will Smith. With lots of great little quotes and thoughts, this is a great video for discussion in the classroom. It is definitely worth watching.

Hopefully one of these videos have inspired you! Have a great week!