Understanding and Immersing Ourselves in How We (Can) Learn

Choice is critically important in learning.  If a student feels more comfortable and accelerates their learning with a device, it would not make much sense to force them to use a pencil and paper.  This is NOT saying just give… Continue Reading

3 Questions To Help Measure School “Success”

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a school district administrator about how we measure “student success”.  As I thought about this, one of the ideas that lingered in my mind is the difference between measuring student success, or measuring… Continue Reading

Understanding and Removing Barriers

Grant Wiggins, a visionary education reformer who has made a tremendous impact now and will continue to do so even after his recent passing, and was one of the developers of “Understanding by Design” (with Jay McTighe), shared a powerful “guest”… Continue Reading

Learning is Relational

Sitting in a session with Tracy Clark, about “A Posture of Experimentation“, she asked us to fill in the blanks on the following statement: Trying something new is like ___________  because _________. This was a great exercise in having the group think… Continue Reading

Personalize, Not Standardize

I received the following question in one of my sessions today: How do you engage the teachers and students who think it is “easier” to just do it (learning) on paper? My response? Let them do it on paper. The… Continue Reading

If you have the choice, shouldn’t they?

As someone who often leads professional learning opportunities, it is always interesting to try to take notice of the little things that are happening in the room, and then some of the comments that are made regarding student learning and… Continue Reading