Curation as Portfolio Activity

I have really been focusing on the notion of “digital portfolios” and how they can be utilized in a different way than your standard portfolio.  I have also had a constant focus on the NCTE Definition of 21st Century Literacies,… Continue Reading

Understanding and Immersing Ourselves in How We (Can) Learn

Choice is critically important in learning.  If a student feels more comfortable and accelerates their learning with a device, it would not make much sense to force them to use a pencil and paper.  This is NOT saying just give… Continue Reading

It’s Not About “All of the Time”, but About Having Access

Discussing initiatives such as BYOD or 1-to-1 technology initiatives, there is often a lot of fear about “balance”.  First of all, the notion of “balance” is something that I truly believe should not be determined for anyone other than yourself.… Continue Reading

Taking Notes vs. Taking a Picture of Notes; Which Wins?

Although I have seen this picture before, I saw it tweeted again recently: Although this seems like a no-brainer as a method to quickly capture information, there is also the challenge that if you want to “retain” information, writing it… Continue Reading

Personalize, Not Standardize

I received the following question in one of my sessions today: How do you engage the teachers and students who think it is “easier” to just do it (learning) on paper? My response? Let them do it on paper. The… Continue Reading

5 Questions To Drive Personal-Professional Learning

In a world where more and more people realize their voice matters, simply engaging people is not enough.  People need to feel empowered in the process of work and learning.  The shift from compliance to empowerment is essential in organizations today.  With… Continue Reading

4 Ways We Can Share Our Stories to Drive Innovation

There is no more human profession in the world than education. In fact, as content has become abundant, education has become more human.  Fifty years ago, and fifty years from now, relationships will be the most important thing we do… Continue Reading

Just because it deals with technology, doesn’t mean we don’t use common sense.

It is interesting that when it comes to technology, many people are nervous about not knowing what to do when something goes wrong. One conversation I had recently, an educator asked me, “What would you do if you found a… Continue Reading