1. Gary Bau

    Embrace the opportunity!
    The challenge is to create a more compelling learning opportunity than social media provides. It is a competition for the eyes and brain.
    Ss choose where their attention goes…it is not an ‘unthinking choice’.
    Positive experience(mostly), immediate interactions

    That is the fundamental learning configuration(classroom? Or not)

    As for your library comment, perhaps a Resource Centre is a better description, so just add a makerspace!
    ..also from Australia!
    Dan is a well regarded local treasure.
    Previous prominence: ‘a worksheet on an iPad, is still a (boring!) worksheet’

  2. Having worked in Uganda helping teachers and students I know how true this video is as in 2004, they wanted access to technology so they could access information. My colleague and myself proposed a system for getting sustainable technology to the schools. Unfortunately, the other US based folks felt we should focus on toliets and lesson plans on conservation so that became the focus. When we came back in 2005, many of the Ugandan teachers had cell phones and could get information and crop prices. What a person NEEDS is often determined by others while what they WANT is determined by themselves. Great video and post about how to listen with an open mind.

  3. Ben Hartman

    I would like to create a future where schools are reflective of the communities we serve, rather than a sacred space which we hold apart. By this I mean that the barriers of what is acceptable are so often higher in schools than outside of them. Can kids use their phones? We expect it when they text or call for ride from the mall, but wince at the thought of what they might see, view, find online while in school. We complicate something as basic as taking a picture (phone to Google Drive to device= share learning) and miss (dismiss? intentionally avoid?) the opportunity to teach expectation and utilize the tools in the context of learning and sharing.

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