1. Rani Altoum

    Thank you for the inspiring post.
    Enabling each learner to identify his strengths and build on them. Every student has a talent that must be discovered and nourished. However, how teachers or school systems might manage the to perform this role while working on the “prescribed” curriculum?
    I mean that individualizing learning experiences need time and effort that might not be available for many teachers and schools. So, what would be an innovative solution for such dilemma?

  2. Stefanie Wendling

    “Look for the strengths first. If people know they are valued, the other “stuff” will come.”

    Reality for students AND adults. A gentle reminder for leadership: If educators feel genuinely valued, “the other “stuff” will come”, whatever the other “stuff” might be.

    Thank you, GD, for just flat-out saying it.

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