1. Judy Wilson

    The video is fabulous. Listening to the excitement in the voices, made my heart smile. The learning so evident its blinding. In most of the classrooms I visit, I don’t see students engaged in this type of challenge – a challenge that allows them to expand their thinking in these ways. In any given school day, I sadly think kids learn in spite of us more than because of us.

  2. Jane Bute

    All educators should read this blog – very insightful and helps us look at the world from student standpoint. Thank you for helping us see things as they should be.

  3. It would change the nation’s unemployment rates and boost the economy if all education institutions could have access to and read this. There is a great need to change curricula in education institutions to meet the demands of the employment market and job creation. Many degrees offered by many institutions are becoming irrelevant to the job market and the 21st century needs of the consumer.

  4. I had a Family Consumer Science Teacher challenged me with the same comment, there is no place in the kitchen for a phone, with all of the germs and accidents, they were banned. But then we rethought that idea of having a Documenter Role, and then blogging about the process and their creations. Isn’t that how many blogs started, in the kitchen?

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