1. Anne Burris

    I agree the old way of thinking is not the current way in education. We as a group of educators must collaborate together with the bridging of what is going to give us the biggest bang for our buck with our students and inspire them to be the best at everything. To their best that they can be. This also inspires us to be the best we can be….everyday if we apply what is out there!

  2. This is so true. Just because your schools has a shiny new tool doesn’t mean you’ll automatically make progress. New systems require new ways of thinking that re-think how schools operate.

  3. Well said!! This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. All the expensive toys in the world can’t motivate Ts and Ss to use it without the right leadership and pedagogy.

  4. Ann

    And yet! I have been teaching a long time, I remember beng the young teacher with new ways of planning that older teachers just sighed at. What did they know? Now I watch as young teachers bring new ideas and i sigh the same way. I have always had a box of things- boxes, milk bottles and tops fabric, glue and Friday was the day set aside to use these things but if something spontaneously came up to the box of things we would go and create all manner of things. Today ‘maker a space’ have a special room have a roster to use said room have clean up roster to clean and maintain said room. Where is the spontaneity where is teaching to the interest of the student? New idea new way of thinking ? I keep a store of my own and if the moment arives and I haven’t booked the room I can still respond. I still build learning around the room but I am not stopped by a booking sheet. New ideas and concepts new an open receptive mind as we adapt and embrace new technologies, we need to stop complicating teaching moments with rosters and over planning.

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