1. Gary Bau

    Nice post! (eg. I agree..)

    Though, how does one deal with the term ‘new innovation’? As a claim for marketing superiority, aspiring to be original perhaps.

    Useful innovation is perhaps a better claim for fame/word of mouth virality.

  2. I love the notion of moving beyond citizenship to leadership. I’ve often wondered why we hide concepts of leadership from young people as if they are only the domain of adult environments, then expect them to leave school and become 21st century leaders overnight. Definitely something a lot of schools need to focus more on. Who says the 7 norms of collaboration are only for grown ups.

  3. Lou Taylor

    I am excited to develop the definite link of citizenship and leadership – this is something that we have been missing as an important stepping stone to empowering our students to not only value leadership but to value and commit to being a positive citizen. I am taking this to my school this term and i am going to put citizenship at the forefront. What a simple connection but SO important. Thank you!!

  4. Knowing that innovation is the essence of creativity, creating time to explore this is not always easy. How does one surpass what they already have in place from collaboration, intuition, and knowledge of websites that students go beyond their comfort zones and their teacher’s?
    I want to help my teacher’s push their own comfort zones as well as my own as an administrator.

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