Authentic Audience

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  1. Devin Schoening

    That's really cool. What this reinforces (and it is evident over and over) is the willingness of people to connect with other people they have never even met. It reinforces that modeling for students the power of being connected and teaching them how to safely and purposefully connect with others is a skill we cannot pass off any longer.

    I showed a group of teachers the Steven Johnson RSAnimate video today, and it really is true, chance does favor the connected mind.

    Cool post.

    1. georgecouros Post author

      Wow Devin!!! That Stephen Johnson is a perfect fit for a presentation I am doing for parents tonight! Thank you :)

  2. Melissa Dallinger

    Wow….this type of amazing stuff is happening all the time and I'm so glad you share it with the world. Now I know I need to get back to twitter, to my blog and get my students out there with me!

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  7. Gene Tognetti

    Hi George-

    This is just fantastic. It perfectly exemplifies in ‘real life’ what I am trying to help my teachers understand. I just shared it with them and I am so hopeful it will spark some different thinking from them. I truly believe one of the huge, untapped ‘positives’ of the internet is the possibilities of “connectedness” that is so important for kids (and adults!) to recognize, and that your account so excellently illuminates. THANKS!!!


  8. Zoe Bettess

    This year my students have been fortunate enough to make some connections with authentic audiences. I’ve found with the use of social media (Twitter in particular) that people are willing to connect with people they’ve never met before. In preparation for our version of #geniushour we were able to skype with the VP of Marketing for HaikuDeck and one of the creators of the DuckDUckMoose apps. The students had an authentic audience for their questions. They listened to the suggestions we gave. It was an amazing experience.

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