Why YOUR Sharing Matters

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I am going to have to admit it; the term “lurker” drives me nuts.

I know that there is an amount of time where someone is becoming comfortable with the idea of social media, but many have admitted to me that they just look at all the great resources yet are uncomfortable tweeting from their own account.  My response to this is that they simply “retweet” some of the great content they are reading.  You do not have to have original content or come up with the next “big thing” but simply just share.

Here is an example of how sharing and a simple retweet can create a ripple effect.

This morning (in Australia), I received a tweet from someone I don’t know.

Being the “cyber sleuth” that I am, before I responded, I checked out who they were and their tweets.  I was not sure if it was a legitimate account or not since I did not recognize the name, although I recognized the #sd36learn hashtag that they used in their tweet.  This process is something that I do for many tweeters that send me a message because there is definitely some spam out there.  Here is what I found in their profile:

So…not many followers and not many tweets.  Most would be thrown off by this but I was interested in what he had to share so I went through his tweets.  Sure enough, I found this little gem:

So now, with his 26 tweets and his 15 followers, @MrAbdolall simply retweeted a great article that I will now be using as the basis of my “Digital Footprint” workshop (I am still in the process of creating it but feel free to use) that I will be doing in Adelaide, Australia on Wednesday.  It really is that simple.  As I tried to prepare for this workshop, there were so many good ideas that I wanted to talk about, but the Forbes article just made the information so nice and succinct, making it way easier to put together.

So my suggestion to new tweeters…

You may not have many followers and you may not be blogging or creating the next BIG IDEA, but what you share still matters.  You never know the impact you can have by sharing a link or a blog post.  Simply retweeting good information can help anyone, including someone like myself who has almost 40,000 tweets to his credit, continue to learn and grow.

Keep sharing.  That’s it.



  1. Thanks for this!
    As someone who has not (yet) tweeted even 500 times, I am sometimes in awe and trepidation of those who are 'in the know', so connected and so comfortable tweeting to others! I love reading and following the paths from one tweeter to another and have also had delightful finds.
    You're so right…what others tweet can certainly expand our understanding and enrich our teaching and learning with the resources that become available! I would have to say Twitter has been a powerful PLN for me!
    So share I will!

  2. Well it's good to know that I passed the spam test, lol, but as noted above by Patrica, the "Twittersphere" can be an extremely intimidating place for new users. The deluge of information that one is bombard with can be quite hard to deal with (and I consider myself pretty decent at absorbing information quickly!)
    I'm going to keep trying a little bit at a time to make my contribution, but I still think I'm going to be a little selective in what I tweet–quality over quantity is what I"m going to strive for, so we'll see how that works out!


  3. Fantastic post illustrating that we Twitter veterans learn from newbies ALL THE TIME so they should never, ever feel they have nothing to contribute. It's a web of learning, not a hub-and-spoke model. You never know where the next great idea or resource will come from!

    Thanks, George. And, on a side note, I've now got a couple of new Tweeps that I'm following! :)

  4. Thanks for the en"cour"aging post. Similar to Patricia, I am in awe of others' Twitter prowess. Now that it is summertime, I have set a personal and professional goal to spend the first 21 days in August committing to Twitter. Apparently people do not follow eggs so my Day One goal is to upload a photo. Your post and the preceding comments have dispelled some preconceived notions and apprehensions I have about Twitter. I am inspired to become, if nothing else, a person that "shares" great ideas.
    I am curious to know though, is admitting that you are a cyber sleuth "Step One" of the process ? :)

  5. This is great, George. I agree that this can all be quite intimidating and this is a nice example of how simple sharing can be so beneficial. I appreciate the way @MrAbdolall also gave some insight into his own thinking when sharing the link. I think that helps in building a network and by mentioning you he also targeted a connection at the same time–good stuff. What a great example!

    Hope you are enjoying Australia. I must confess I'm quite jealous of your trip.

  6. As someone that is only starting my teaching journey, it has been amazing to discover and explore Twitter this year. I keep on finding new resources, making new connections, new ideas, finding support and discovering education. I have been retweeting, and starting to tweet my own comments, now delving into Blogging. It is such an exciting world to explore and I'm looking forward to all the new connections I'm making.
    Hope you are enjoying Australia, it is a great place to live.

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