140 Characters of Kindness (Video)

I had a great opportunity recently to attend the #140Cuse conference in Syracuse, New York, and learn from some amazing innovators from many different industries.  It was a great experience and I am extremely thankful to the organizers who invited me and did an amazing job with the conference.

Below is my talk from the day.  It was amazing to be able to share stories about people I have connected with across the world and to honour my dog Kobe.

I hope you enjoy it:



  1. Great post, George! Thanks for sharing your session at #140cuse…your message about using technology to create relationships is truly powerful! I am honoured (yes, with a u) to learn with you…you have taught me tons of stuff and we have only been in the same room a few times. Now, that's the power of social media!
    I am looking forward to seeing you in Calgary at #ConnectedCA


  2. Hi George

    Like you, I was new to Twitter around the time you posted your video of Kobe to your followers. I still clearly remember sitting at my kitchen table watching with the tears streaming down my cheeks. As a fellow dog owner I imagined myself in your shoes and the angst you must have been experiencing at the time. I too tweeted a simple heartfelt message of support. When I found myself in the same position last December with my beautiful furry boy Jambo (who was also my first dog), I thought of you and Kobe and that brought me some comfort. As one of your followers I was so pleased to see you find your new dog and I hope like you, my heart will one day be ready for a new furry friend…

    Yes, it is amazing how one tweet can affect a person's life and how in turn it can affect others…thank you !


  3. Thanks for the post George. I plan on sharing it with some of my colleagues who are working on developing an understanding of what twitter is and does and how it can be of assistance in developing those very important connections.

  4. Great job! Makes me want to get a dog… and maybe some McDonalds 😉

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  6. Great video and insight into the power of SM-thank you George for sharing!

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